'90s kids rejoice, it's time to return to Camp Waziyatah!

Bug Juice is officially returning to TV this summer, and now we have a premiere date. The revival, titled Bug Juice: My Adventures at Camp, will premiere Monday, July 16 at 7:30/6:30c on Disney Channel and it will continue to air on Monday and Thursday evenings after that.

Disney Channel's Bug Juice originally aired from 1998-2001, depicting the summer camp shenanigans of a group of kids at sleep away camp for weeks at a time. Summer romance, team building activities and campfires created a wholesome reality TV show for Disney, but it sadly lasted only three seasons.

The new season will look much different than you remember though, since this revival is geared towards kids of a new generation. That means emojis, boomerangs and memes will play a big part in the viewing experience, creating an updated feel for the show. Let's just hope these kids have to surrender their cells phones when they arrive at Waziyatah, or else this might be a bit of a boring watch...

<em>Bug Juice: My Adventures at Camp</em>Bug Juice: My Adventures at Camp