Borat, Sacha Baron Cohen's Kazakh reporter character who went from comedy hero to played-out punchline due to overexposure (of many kinds) after his movie conquered pop culture in 2006, made a triumphant return to American television on Wednesday night.

Cohen appeared as Borat on Jimmy Kimmel Live to introduce the trailer for The Brothers Grimsby, an upcoming action-comedy starring Cohen. Borat says people shouldn't see the movie, because Cohen's characters are offensive, especially his new one, Donald Trump.

"It is clearly a parody of a rich American racist," Borat says. Kimmel assures him that Trump is in fact real, but Borat doesn't believe him.

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"He do not even look real," he says. "Cohens have spent all the money on orange paint for face and leave no money for wig."

He then makes a filthy joke about his beloved Pamela Anderson. Check it out, including the trailer for The Brothers Grimsby.

And in case you were worried, he does say "my wife!"