While the characters of Bob's Burgers aren't having to deal with coronavirus in the show's currently airing 11th season, there is an epidemic sweeping Wagstaff — a butt worms epidemic. OK, OK, it's a pinworms epidemic, but obviously Louise calls them butt worms and we can't help but seize the opportunity to do the same.

In this exclusive sneak peek at Sunday's episode, "Worms of In-Rear-Ment," Louise (Kristen Schaal) laments over the situation at dinner, saying — far too relatably — that the epidemic has made it difficult to concentrate in school. "There are pin worms crawling through kids stomachs laying eggs in their anuses, and I'm supposed to think about what two plus two equals?!" Louise exclaims.

Though the episode might feel like Bob's Burgers' roundabout way to tell a story about the coronavirus pandemic, it was actually written before COVID-19. "It just seemed like a fun pandemic story. And then this happened and I was like, people are going to think we're joking about it," writer and producer Nora Smith said during a virtual Comic-Con panel. "There's a lot of handwashing. I'm hoping that people think of it as an escape to a more fun pandemic."

To be honest, we're willing to try any escape into a more light-hearted world right now… even if it involves butt worms.

Bob's Burgers airs Sundays at 9/8c on Fox.