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Blindspot dropped one of its biggest shockers earlier this season when it was revealed that Jane (Jaimie Alexander) has a daughter from her pre-tattoo days. That was followed by another seismic twist: Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) met her daughter back in Berlin, something that Weller hasn't yet told his bride. But is there a bigger reveal coming? Is that why Weller is so hesitant to tell Jane that he met her daughter?

"Obviously there's something that he feels is pretty traumatic there, and he's either protecting Jane or protecting himself or maybe both. And for whatever reason can't bring himself to tell her," Blindspot creator Martin Gero tells TV Guide.

Thanks to Roman (Luke Mitchell) using his intel about what Weller knows to manipulate the beefy FBI agent into doing his bidding, that secret will eat away at Weller and he'll be pressed more than ever to tell Jane. But what's the big deal about Weller having met Jane's daughter?

"The reveal isn't just that he knows her, it's something worse," Gero teases.


Blindspot airs Friday nights at 8/7c on NBC.

Jaimie Alexander, Sullivan Stapleton; BlindspotJaimie Alexander, Sullivan Stapleton; Blindspot