Better stock up on sleep while you can. Black Mirror will soon return with its visceral take on technology in the modern world and the anthology looks horrifying as ever!

Netflix dropped a cryptic teaser for Season 4 on Friday that reveals all six episode titles. Among the lineup for the new season are "Arkangel," which was directed by Jodie Foster and gives off The Omen vibes; "USS Callister," which looks like a sinister take on sci-fi shows like Star Trek; the nature-centric "Crocodile," "Hang the DJ," which looks like it will tackle dating in the modern world, "Metalhead" starring Hannibal and American Gods alum David Slade; and "Black Museum," which already sounds like the most terrifying episode yet.

Created and written by Charlie Brooker, the anthology series is comprised of stand-alone episodes that explore how technology has transformed our lives and taps into our general paranoia about the very things we can't seem to live without.

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The new season is expect to arrive sometime later this year.