Welcome to the Big Brother Brothers: The Ultimate Unofficial Podcast from TV Guide. I'm your Big Brother-obsessed host, Fox Van Allen. I'll be joined every week throughout Big Brother 21 by your boy (and my co-host), Emmy Award-winning writer Lance Cartelli, along with special guests from the world of CBS reality TV, as we dive into the strategy and fun of the summer's best guilty pleasure.

In our first-ever episode, we talk with my favorite Big Brother podcaster Taran Armstrong (from the Rob Has a Podcast network) about the upcoming Season 21, the best ways to watch Big Brother, what it's like being the most prolific Big Brother podcaster on the internet, and what a perfect season of Big Brother would look like. Plus, stick around until the end to hear Taran play a game of How Long Would You Last on Big Brother: A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure.

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New episodes go up every week, now through the end of the Big Brother 21 season.

Big Brother 21 premieres Tuesday, June 25 at 8/7PM Central on CBS. You can watch every season of Big Brother and the BB21 Live Feeds on CBS All Access.

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