Beyoncé is officially ready to take us behind the scenes of her epic 2018 performance at Coachella.

Netflix has released the first trailer for Homecoming, Beyoncé's own documentary detailing everything that went into the creation of her ode to the black college experience during the music fest last spring.

In the trailer, we see the icon and her team preparing for and carrying out their groundbreaking show, set to a voiceover of the late, great poet Maya Angelou's famous words: "What I really want to do is be a representative of my race, of the human race. I have a chance to show how kind we can be, how intelligent and generous we can be. I have a chance to teach and to love and to laugh, and I know that when I'm finished doing what I'm sent here to do I will be called home. And I will go home without any fear or trepidation or wonder what happened," says Angelou. "Tell the truth. To yourself first, and to the children."

As is becoming custom for Beyoncé's onscreen offerings, the footage is about more than just concert prep. She also showcases the personalities and joy of her staff as well as some of her own intimate moments with her husband Jay-Z and their three children, Blue, Rumi, and Sir.

Homecoming will premiere on Netflix on April 17.

<a href="">Beyoncé Knowles</a> at Coachella 2018Beyoncé Knowles at Coachella 2018