Netflix and chill until you pull a muscle this Valentine's Day, because the world's most popular streaming service is loaded with movies and shows that will put the love back in your living room. Who needs a box of chocolates when you have Like Water for Chocolate? Who needs to sleep with other people when you have Sleeping With Other People? Who needs her when you have Her?

Below you'll find all sorts of picks no matter your mood. There's something funny, something for the younger crowd, something for the sexy crowd, and even some picks for those of you who have come to the conclusion that love is overrated. Go on, fall in love... with a movie or show!

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To All the Boys I've Loved Before

<em>To All the Boys I've Loved Before</em>To All the Boys I've Loved Before

The current torchbearer for Netflix's push into original romantic comedies, To All the Boys I've Loved Before checks all the boxes. Charming female lead (Lana Condor), hunky boy with a soft side (Noah Centineo), awkward situation that blows up on heroine's face (her secret love letters mailed to her crushes), and a happy ending (duh). Plus, there's a sequel coming: To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You arrives Feb. 12.



Judd Apatow created this alt-comedy about two strangers going through the obstacle course known as love that's a good alternative to all the dressed-up fairy tales usually associated with romantic comedies. Paul Rust stars as a man who falls for a sex-addicted woman (Gillian Jacobs) he meets at a Los Angeles gas station, and their whirlwind romance is unapologetically honest and messy. It's incredibly funny, it makes fun of the entertainment industry, and it ends on a wonderful note. Plus, Rust and friends (including many Comedy Bang Bang vets) get together to make up new, kick-ass theme songs for popular movies.

Blue Valentine

What is love but the slow dissolution of the feelings you once had for someone? Give your Valentine's Day a dose of reality with Blue Valentine, an acclaimed film about a married couple (played by Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams) who slowly come to the realization that they might not be right for each other. Then follow that up with Marriage Story! Ahhhh, love!

Sleeping with Other People

If you're secretly in love with your best friend and looking for some zany antics to make them fall for you, study up with the 2015 rom-com Sleeping with Other People. Alison Brie and Jason Sudeikis play a pair who give the ol' "let's be friends" thing a shot after a one-night stand.

Like Water for Chocolate

Horniness for romance got you hungry? Chow down on this Mexican film that's a culinary classic where the main ingredient is loooooooooove. Like Water for Chocolate's tale of forbidden love, culture, and kitchens adds magical realism to the mix, which is really the only way true love can be depicted on screen.

Blue Jay

Ever wonder what would happen if you ran into your old high school flame now? (Note: If you are currently in high school, adjust to elementary school flame.) Mark Duplass wrote and stars in this mumblecore movie about a guy who goes back to his hometown and runs into an old love (Sarah Paulson), setting off a chain of events that makes them realize they still have feelings for each other — except they both have their own lives now. An ambiguous ending keeps things open-ended to mold the story to your liking... or the mood of your date.

The Theory of Everything

When you think of steamy romance so hot you need to open the windows, you think of Stephen Hawking. This biopic of the famed physicist (played by Eddie Redmayne) focuses mainly on his romantic endeavors with his wife Jane Wilde (Felicity Jones) all the way to their divorce! How romantic.


If your idea of romance is doing the nasty, this 2015 French film is the perfect Valentine's Day accompaniment to go with your leather whip and ball gag. Best known as "that film on Netflix with unsimulated sex," Love is basically porn with some plot.

Always Be My Maybe

<em>Always Be My Maybe</em>Always Be My Maybe

There aren't too many movies on this list featuring Randall Park rapping about punching Keanu Reeves in the face, but this Netflix original rom-com has it. Ali Wong and Park play former best friends who meet up later in life and go through the hoops of making things work despite the disparate directions their lives have gone in since they hooked up in high school. Plus, Reeves shows up in a stellar cameo.


Look, love doesn't have to be between a man and a woman. It doesn't even have to be between a man and a man or a woman and a woman. It doesn't even have to be between two humans. Go ahead, marry a goat if you love it! Or, as this movie from Spike Jonze and starring Joaquin Phoenix shows, fall in love with an artificial intelligence if that's what floats your boat!

Dating Around

<em>Dating Around</em>Dating Around

Everyone knows the best part of falling in love is the initial spark from the first date. Witness that spark shine or fizzle out with Dating Around, a reality series in which one love-seeking individual is set up on multiple dates, all cut-up and presented together to show just what kind of love traps are out there.

Virgin River

Virgin RiverVirgin River

Prefer your romantic movie to feel like a Hallmark Channel film stretched out to about eight hours? Grab a paddle and row your way through 10 episodes of Virgin River, a mild romantic drama about a young-ish nurse (Alexandra Breckenridge) who moves away from the big city to become a midwife in a small California town, where she can run away from her problems. But did she account for a handsome bartender (Martin Henderson) to come into her life? No she did not.