Oliver Queen's (Stephen Amell) first death during Crisis on Infinite Deaths, in which he stayed behind to fight off those Dementor-like creatures while his friends escaped, ripped our hearts into a million pieces. According to the Arrow star, filming that tragic scene was just as painful. During an appearance on Smallville alum Michael Rosenbaum's podcast Inside of You, Amell opened up about that unforgettable moment and why filming it was such a frustrating experience.

"They were trying to wrap [scene partners] Caity [Lotz] and Grant [Gustin]... before I shot the coverage of the scene where I died," Amell said, per TVLine. "I blame no one for this, but this is a scene with me from Arrow that's taking place on Supergirl, with a Supergirl crew, with demands on both Grant and Caity... and they're trying to pull them so that Flash and Legends don't mess up their day the next day. Meanwhile, the f-king Green Arrow was laying on a gurney trying to deliver his lines to something other than a f-king tennis ball. So, there are lots of scenes where I'm acting and there just aren't other actors there, and that is just not an acceptable way of creating the best product, from my perspective."

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Arrow's series finale is set to air Tuesday, Jan. 28 and marks the end of an eight-year journey. Though bittersweet, the actor admitted he had already been thinking about moving on since before Season 7 began. However, he changed his mind when he received an offer he "couldn't refuse."

"They say, 'Well, you'll have to shoot 22 episodes with us [for Season 7]... which is July through April. Are you really telling us you want to do 22 at Price X and finish in April, and not do 32 at this price, and be done in October?' Because if you're renegotiating, they change your episodic fee. I looked at it, and it would have been fiscally irresponsible for me to say no. Just fiscally irresponsible. I loved the s-t out of Season 8, I had a blast, but I was there for the money. More so than I had ever been," Amell explained.

Amell can next be seen in the Starz wrestling drama Heels, which begins production in March, according to the actor.

Arrow's series finale airs Tuesday, Jan. 28 at 9/8c on The CW.

Stephen Amell, Crisis on Infinite EarthsStephen Amell, Crisis on Infinite Earths