Are you dating someone who may be the son of Santa Claus? Do you live in a small town that bases its entire economy on Christmas spirit? Are you a successful but busy businesswoman who wants to retire early and marry a prince — at Christmastime, of course?

We have the podcast for you!

TV Guide's All I Want for Christmas Is This Podcast breaks down the must-watch holiday movies of the season from Hallmark, Lifetime, Netflix, Disney+ and more — sometimes with the help of special guests and holiday-movie favorites, including Candace Cameron Bure, Melissa Joan Hart, Jodie Sweetin, Tatyana Ali, Aisha Dee, and Theo Devaney. It's all brought to you by TV Guide contributor and holiday-movie enthusiast Julia Lechner.

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Ep. 1: Melissa Joan Hart Has a Hilarious Story about Her Dog Co-Star in New Lifetime Christmas Movie

Ep. 2: Jodie Sweetin Shares Touching Fan Response to Her Hallmark Holiday Films

Ep. 3: Netflix's Holiday in the Wild Is the Best Sex and the City Sequel

Ep. 4: This Dark Theory Will Totally Change How You Watch UpTV's A Christmas Movie Christmas (featuring special guest Fox Van Allen of Survivor Brothers)

Ep. 5: We Need To Talk About That Insane Last Christmas Twist (featuring special guest Tatyana Ali)

Ep. 6: Lifetime's Radio Christmas Is Basically Sleepless in Seattle with Secret Santa and Podcasts

Ep. 7: Is Disney Plus' Noelle More Important Than The Mandalorian? (featuring special guest Aisha Dee)

Ep. 8: Hallmark's Write Before Christmas Is Basically Love Actually With a One Tree Hill Reunion

Ep. 9: Hot Take: Vanessa Hudgens Is the New Queen of Christmas!

Ep. 10: Candace Cameron Bure Talks Christmas Town and Previews Fuller House's Final Season

Ep. 11: Theo Devaney Answers All of Our Burning Questions About A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby

Ep. 12: We Watched Hallmark's Christmas in Rome, and Lacey Chabert's Character Needs More Sensible Shoes (featuring special guest Lance Cartelli of Survivor Brothers)

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