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  • Autumnwatch New England

    Episode 1 (Season 1 | Episode 1)

    8:00PM | PBS

    Autumnwatch New England celebrates the natural phenomenon of the American Fall.

  • CMT Artists of the Year 2018

    8:00PM | TVLAND

    Special dedicated to the women of country music. Featuring Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, Kelsea Ballerini and many more.

  • Chicago Med

    Backed Against the Wall (Season 4 | Episode 4)

    8:00PM | NBC

    Dr. Halstead gets an unplanned visit from the CPD; Ethan is skeptical of a woman who is experiencing chronic pain; Natalie tends to a cancer patient whose brother has strong feelings on why he is refusing to lend his assistance.

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  • Empire

    Love All, Trust a Few (Season 5 | Episode 4)

    8:00PM | FOX

    The Lyon family works to get back in their groove with a brand-new project underway. As Cookie and Portia attempt to sign Devon, who has just the sound they're looking for, Andre tries to prove himself useful to Lucious on the business side of things. Not having heard from Kai, Jamal panics and looks back at their history together. At Empire, the new management entangles itself with a dangerous tie from the Lyon family's past.

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  • Forged in Fire: Cutting Deeper

    Tournament Round 2 (Season 1 | Episode 98)

    8:00PM | HIST

    Four armorers must forge a Damascus blade out of something familiar: plate armor. Two are sent packing and the remaining armorers head back to their home forges to craft an exotic hybrid of pain and protection: the Hooded Katar.

  • MLB Postseason Pre-Game

    8:00PM | TBS

    Studio discussion and game previews for Major League Baseball's playoffs.

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  • Mysteries at the Museum


    8:00PM | TRAVEL

    Not Available

  • Riverdale

    Chapter Thirty-Seven: Fortune and Men's Eyes (Season 3 | Episode 2)

    8:00PM | CW

    After a gruesome discovery is made in the forest, Jughead and Betty team up to investigate. As Archie navigates his new surroundings, Veronica devises a plan to bring a bit of home to him. Elsewhere, when Moose decides to join the RROTC, Kevin worries he may be pulling away from him.

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  • Survivor

    Time to Bring About the Charmpocalyps (Season 37 | Episode 4)

    8:00PM | CBS

    Castaways from the "David" and "Goliath" tribes must learn to work together after a surprising tribe swap. Also, a castaway's typical bossy nature could rub her new tribe the wrong way.

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  • The Goldbergs

    Hersheypark (Season 6 | Episode 4)

    8:00PM | ABC

    Adam discovers Beverly has been manipulating him with guilt letters when he tells his mother he doesn't want her to chaperone the school trip to Hershey Park. Meanwhile, after attending Career Night, Geoff realizes he doesn't want to be an eye doctor like his father.

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  • All American

    99 Problems (Season 1 | Episode 2)

    9:00PM | CW

    Spencer discovers that the rules in Beverly Hills differ from those at Crenshaw. Meanwhile, Coop is also forced to learn a new set of rules, with Spencer's protective "Halo Effect" now gone.

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  • Chicago Fire

    This Isn't Charity (Season 7 | Episode 4)

    9:00PM | NBC

    Firehouse 51 is on high alert when a series of explosions rock the city; Herrmann adjusts to his new duties; and Kidd gets a visit from an old friend.

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  • Expedition Unknown

    Hunt for Extraterrestrials, Part 1 (Season 5 | Episode 15)

    9:00PM | DSC

    Josh begins his search for extraterrestrial life with a once-in-a-lifetime visit to NASA. The journey continues on remote Easter Island, where ancient alien theorists believe extraterrestrials visited a millennia ago.

  • Forged in Fire

    Tournament Round 3 (Season 5 | Episode 31)

    9:00PM | HIST

    In round three, four blacksmiths must forge a signature Damascus blade using steel they must harvest from a stockpile of varied tools. In an ultimate test of their blade-making skills, these smiths persevere through missteps that chisel away at their resolve. The smiths that survive two brutal rounds of testing return to their home forges to recreate a multipurpose Medieval weapon of war, the Knightly Poleaxe.

  • Guy's Grocery Games

    Ultimate Chicken Challenge (Season 19 | Episode 3)

    9:00PM | FOOD

    Four chefs come to Flavortown to compete in three chicken-themed rounds to prove their poultry prowess. Guy challenges the chefs with making a fried chicken combo on a $17 budget.

  • Modern Family

    Torn Between Two Lovers (Season 10 | Episode 4)

    9:00PM | ABC

    Haley can't seem to choose between her past and present relationships and is forced to make a decision. Meanwhile, Manny returns to college and dorm life while his girlfriend, Sherry, continues to stay at Jay and Gloria's, and might be overstaying her welcome.

  • Mysteries at the Museum


    9:00PM | TRAVEL

    Not Available

  • NOVA

    Addiction (Season 45 | Episode 13)

    9:00PM | PBS

    Examining the science of addiction and how it works, featuring insights from individuals and families struggling with addiction as well as researchers on the frontlines of the opioid crisis. Although addiction has long been viewed as a moral failing, leading scientists explain why addiction is a disorder that occurs as drugs profoundly alter the brain.

  • SEAL Team

    The Worst of Conditions (Season 2 | Episode 3)

    9:00PM | CBS

    After tragedy strikes, Jason is faced with a huge decision regarding his future with Bravo Team.

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  • Star

    All Falls Down (Season 3 | Episode 4)

    9:00PM | FOX

    A stressed and grieving Carlotta lands celebrity host Ryan J to host Gravity Media's Snowball event, but it doesn't come easy. Meanwhile, Star finds out that Maurice stole from her, and Derek becomes skeptical about Alex's super-fan-turned-bestie, Olivia. Then, Simone is asked to speak at the Orange Ball; Cassie does business with her ex, Xander; Maurice gets a blast from the past; and someone's fate is revealed.

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  • The Real Housewives of Dallas

    Are You Saying I'm an Alcoholic? (Season 3 | Episode 10)

    9:00PM | BRAVO

    LeeAnne tells Rich about her heated conversation with D'Andra; Mama Dee tells D'Andra to stop worrying about LeeAnne's wedding; a visit from Stephanie's older sister puts everything in perspective for her regarding Travis leaving for Harvard; Brandi and Bryan share an intimate moment with their new baby boy; Cary hosts a grand opening event at her Laser Center; and Brandi accuses LeeAnne of being friends with Stephanie just to get to her.

  • Total Divas

    Pink Hair Don't Care (Season 8 | Episode 5)

    9:00PM | E!

    Nia invites Trinity, Lana, and Nattie over to celebrate her home.

  • Single Parents

    Beyoncé Circa Lemonade (Season 1 | Episode 4)

    9:31PM | ABC

    Angie and Douglas engage in a competition to see who can sleep-train baby Jack in one night. While Angie and Douglas have the baby, Miggy takes over babysitting Graham, Rory, Sophie, Emma and Amy, which results in an impromptu kids' party. Meanwhile, Poppy teaches Will how to take out his anger on the volleyball court.

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