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  • Alaska: The Last Frontier

    Roll Yuletide Roll (Season 8 | Episode 3)

    9:00PM | DSC

    Atz Lee and Jane rush to aid of a fellow homesteader; Atz Sr. searches for a remote spot to anchor his floating homestead; Otto, Eivin and Levi rebuild a homestead hot tub; and Charlotte takes extreme measures to protect her herd from predators.

  • Bahamas Life

    Laid-Back Nassau Lifestyle (Season 2 | Episode 2)

    9:00PM | HGTV

    A Los Angeles entrepreneur visited Nassau and immediately felt a profound connection to the people, the culture and the vibe. With the flexibility to work remotely, she looks to leave the hectic pace of L.A. behind for a fresh challenge and laid-back lifestyle on Nassau.

  • Charmed

    Let This Mother Out (Season 1 | Episode 2)

    9:00PM | CW

    After getting a message from the spirit board to not trust Harry, the sisters are conflicted and ultimately concoct a plan to see if he is telling the truth. Desperate to believe the person warning them is trying to protect them, they end up going against their better judgement. Harry soon realizes that the sisters are up to no good and tries to help before it's too late. Meanwhile, Mel and Macy struggle with who's the real big sister and Maggie is caught in the middle.

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  • Family Guy

    Big Trouble in Little Quahog (Season 17 | Episode 4)

    9:00PM | FOX

    After Brian teases Stewie for being small, Stewie invents a shrinking machine that results in both of them shrinking to a microscopic size.

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  • Halloween Wars

    Halloween Time Travel (Season 8 | Episode 4)

    9:00PM | FOOD

    The remaining three teams pull out all the stops to create Halloween-themed displays that bend time and space to show their vision of Halloween time travel.

  • Keeping Up With the Kardashians

    Kim's Birthday Reveal

    9:00PM | E!

    Kim Kardashian West discusses her favorite episode of the series.

  • Paranormal Survivor

    Buried Secrets

    9:00PM | TRAVEL

    Diana Stevens is horrified to discover that the souls buried in the cemetery next to her house are not resting in peace and when John Collins digs up an old tombstone in his yard he unwittingly unearths a violent entity who pulls no punches.

  • Poldark on Masterpiece

    Season 4, Episode Four (Season 4 | Episode 4)

    9:00PM | PBS

    While George continues plotting his return to Westminster, Ross is reunited with his family at home. Then tragedy strikes in Cornwall, forcing him from the quiet life into action again.

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  • Shameless

    Down Like the Titanic (Season 9 | Episode 7)

    9:00PM | SHO

    Debbie helps Fiona pick up the pieces at a low point.

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  • Shark Tank

    Episode 1002 (Season 10 | Episode 3)

    9:00PM | ABC

    A mother-daughter duo from Washington, D.C., is passionate about their healthy vegan soups; an entrepreneur from Addison, Texas, pitches his new tool to make it simpler to invest in crypto-currency; a chef from New York City wants to expand his vegan sushi restaurants across the nation; and siblings from Long Island, N.Y., present the product of their late father, an NYC firefighter whose dream was to pitch on "Shark Tank" but passed away before he could.

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  • The Deuce

    The Feminism Part (Season 2 | Episode 7)

    9:00PM | HBO

    Trapped by his own success, Vincent envisions an idyllic rural life with Abby; Candy is frustrated by her mob backers' misogyny and weighs telling her son, Adam, what she really does for a living; Shay reverts to form, to Irene's dismay; Joey falls in love; Darlene deals with unexpected news; Lori hits a roadblock in her quest for adult-film stardom; Alston faces a dilemma involving his old partner, Flanagan; Paul and Kenneth arrive at a crossroads.

  • The Last Ship

    Somos la Sangre (Season 5 | Episode 7)

    9:00PM | TNT

    Pinned down after days of fighting, Vulture team must find their way into a secretive enemy camp.

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  • The Walking Dead

    Warning Signs (Season 9 | Episode 3)

    9:00PM | AMC

    Rick's vision for the future is threatened by a mysterious disappearance that divides the work camp where the communities are building a bridge.

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  • Rel

    Halloween (Season 1 | Episode 5)

    9:27PM | FOX

    Rel, Nat, Brittany and Dad get together to watch a scary zombie movie around Halloween night. The film, titled "Frederick Douglass: Zombie Slayer," is not what anyone expected and sparks a lot of controversy amongst the group.

  • Bahamas Life

    Dream Board to Reality (Season 2 | Episode 1)

    9:30PM | HGTV

    A water-loving couple with a mutual dream of living on the Abacos sets out to find a home where they can escape their hectic lives and share the island they love with friends and family.

  • NCIS: Los Angeles

    Hit List (Season 10 | Episode 4)

    9:30PM | CBS

    A cartel hit list includes pictures of the NCIS team, as well as Mosley and her son's names. Also, NCIS Deputy Director Louis Ochoa arrives with Special Prosecutor John Rogers to interview Mosley about the off-the-books mission in Mexico.

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  • Camping

    Going to Town (Season 1 | Episode 2)

    10:00PM | HBO

    After her son, Orvis, gets banged up playing flag football, Kathryn rushes him to the hospital, flipping out about his health and the danger that Miguel's girlfriend, Jandice, poses to the weekend. As Kathryn and Walt attend to Orvis, the others hit a local bar, where a racially charged remark to Nina-Joy awakens George's rage. Elsewhere, Miguel and Jandice create real issues for a prissy shop owner.

  • Caribbean Life

    Raising a Family on St. John (Season 14 | Episode 1)

    10:00PM | HGTV

    A couple are relocating from Texas to the beautiful island of St. John with their two young daughters. They're looking forward to slowing down and spending more time together as a family in a property with views of the ocean and plenty of outdoor play space for the girls.

  • Expedition Unknown

    Search for the Afterlife: Edge of Existence (Season 5 | Episode 15)

    10:00PM | DSC

    Josh visits a tribe in Indonesia where people live with mummies, and a cryonics lab in Russia at the cutting edge of freezing humans for the future.

  • Haunted Gingerbread Showdown

    Fright Night (Season 1 | Episode 3)

    10:00PM | FOOD

    Host Sandra Lee tasks three chefs with creating a haunted theme park in gingerbread form. Cake designer Barbarann Kym joins the judges.

  • Kidding

    Kintsugi (Season 1 | Episode 7)

    10:00PM | SHO

    Jeff goes off script and starts to speak more honestly to children on Puppet Time; Seb panics that Jeff will soon have to appear on live television for the National Tree Lighting Ceremony; Deirdre and Scott get a new visitor from Japan, Mr. Pickles-San; and the Pickles have Thanksgiving as a family.

  • Most Terrifying Places in America

    Restless Dead

    10:00PM | TRAVEL

    From a former Victorian-era asylum where victims were experimented on to a remote Nebraska outpost where a scorned woman killed her unfaithful husband, we explore the gravest of locations where the dead never sleep.

  • Star Wars Resistance

    Fuel for the Fire (Season 1 | Episode 3)

    10:00PM | DISNEY

    Kaz befriends a sky racer named Rucklin who pressures him to take some rare and dangerous hyperfuel hidden in Yeager's office.

  • The Woman in White

    Episode One

    10:00PM | PBS

    In the series premiere, drawing master Walter Hartright has a haunting encounter with a young woman dressed all in white. Hartright becomes drawn into the woman's mysterious past.

  • Unexpected

    The Mom Trying Out for Cheer (Season 2 | Episode 11)

    10:00PM | TLC

    Emiley has cheer tryouts; Chloe gives birth; Mckayla has some concerns about marriage; it's Scarlett's first birthday, but Lexus and Shayden get into a huge argument.

  • You

    Everythingship (Season 1 | Episode 7)

    10:00PM | LIFE

    Beck suffers a loss and Joe is right there with a shoulder to lean on. But he can't quite shake the worry and jealousy he still feels and he goes to creative lengths to explore his fears, even creating a fake identity so that he can give Beck's suspiciously handsome therapist a thorough checking-out. But Joe's luck is in danger of running out as Beck starts to suspect she's being followed.

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  • The Alec Baldwin Show

    Kim Kardashian West (Season 1 | Episode 2)

    10:01PM | ABC

    Kim Kardashian West is interviewed.

  • Talking Dead

    The Walking Dead 903 (Season 9 | Episode 3)

    10:07PM | AMC

    "The Walking Dead" is discussed.

  • Caribbean Life

    A Flip Flop Island for Flip Flop People (Season 14 | Episode 2)

    10:30PM | HGTV

    A couple from Toronto are trading in city life for beach life in beautiful Honduras. They're looking for a home with a strong Internet connection to support their Web-based business and ocean views so they can live and work surrounded by the beauty of the Caribbean Sea.

  • Madam Secretary

    The Magic Rake (Season 5 | Episode 3)

    10:30PM | CBS

    Elizabeth flies to Fashion Week in Milan to face off against the Chinese Foreign Minister over an anti-sweatshop treaty in the aftermath of a tragedy. Also, Daisy struggles with feelings of fear and pessimism over her baby's future, under the threat of rising nationalism in the wake of the attack on the White House.

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  • Kidding

    Kintsugi (Season 1 | Episode 7)

    10:32PM | SHO

    Jeff goes off script and starts to speak more honestly to children on Puppet Time; Seb panics that Jeff will soon have to appear on live television for the National Tree Lighting Ceremony; Deirdre and Scott get a new visitor from Japan, Mr. Pickles-San; and the Pickles have Thanksgiving as a family.

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