Felicity Huffman

  • Birth Name: Felicity Kendall Huffman
  • Birth Place: Bedford, New York, United States
  • Profession: Actor

Golden Years

Stephen King's six-part drama about an elderly janitor who is oddly affected by a failed experiment plays like a sci-fi `Fugitive' as the man flees a government lab with federal agents on his mutated tail. What proved to be the final episode ended with a `To Be Continued' card that left the janitor's fate unresolved.

Episode Credits Year
The Final Blow... Season: 1, Episode: 7 Actor 1991
Second Chance Season: 1, Episode: 5 Actor 1991
Not on My Watch Season: 1, Episode: 4 Actor 1991
Yes, No or Maybe? Season: 1, Episode: 2 Actor 1991
Time and Time Again Actor 1991
Time and Time Again; Has My Time Come? Season: 1, Episode: 1 Actor 1991
Has My Time Come? Actor 1991