Chris Daughtry

  • Birth Place: Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina, United States
  • Profession: Singer, Reality-show contestant


With his bad-boy looks, rocker voice and sensitive, family-man persona, Daughtry was the early favorite to win Season 5 of American Idol. So when this North Carolina singer came in as the fourth runner-up, his ousting shocked the viewers, the judges and even Daughtry himself, and sparked a small scandal (some fans complained that the contestants' phone lines had gotten crossed). His critics insisted he got the boot because he'd shown little growth as a performer, approaching all styles of tunes as if they were alt-rock. Whatever the reason he lost, Daughtry's future remained bright, with many potential job offers immediately on the table, including an invitation from Fuel to become the band's lead singer. He ultimately turned the group down in favor of fronting a new band aptly named Daughtry. The band has been very successful, and he became the first American Idol alum to produce two consecutive number-one albums: Daughtry (2006) and Leave This Town (2009). In addition to heavily touring, Daughtry has returned to the American Idol stage to perform, and his band has appeared on awards shows and at events such as the Super Bowl Tailgate Party and the Countdown to the NCAA Final Four Concert in 2010. His band has also been nominated for Grammy Awards and won several American Music Awards, allowing Daughtry to prove that losers can indeed become winners. In his spare time, Daughtry enjoys painting and is a huge Spider-Man fan.

Fast Facts

  • Tried out for CBS's 2005 music-competition series Rock Star: INXS but wasn't chosen.
  • Was in a band called Cadence in high school; later was a member of Absent Element, a North Carolina alternative-rock band.
  • Was working as a service adviser at a car dealership in Greensboro, NC, when he auditioned for American Idol.
  • Performed the Fuel song "Hemorrhage (In My Hands)" on Idol; later, after being voted off the show, Fuel offered him a job as its lead singer (he turned them down).
  • Made his TV acting debut on the 100th episode of CSI: NY in 2008.
  • Performed an acoustic cover of Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" in 2009 that was posted on YouTube and became extremely popular, getting over four millions views in under a year.
  • Was the first American Idol alum to have two consecutive number-one albums (2006's Daughtry and 2009's Leave This Town). 
  • In 2010, his band performed during the Super Bowl Tailgate Party and at the Countdown at the NCAA Final Four Concert.
  • Does push-ups before performing.
  • Hobbies include drawing and painting. 
  • Is a huge Spider-Man fan.


  • Griffin — Stepson
  • Deanna Daughtry — Wife
  • Hannah — Stepdaughter
  • Pete Daughtry — Father
  • Noah James Daughtry — Son
  • Adalynn Rose Daughtry — Daughter
  • Kenneth Daughtry — Brother
  • Sandra Daughtry — Mother